Steering your business in the right direction!

In a world where the internet rules so many businesses use Van and man services, whether for delivering to customers or for internal logistics. Steer has a dedicated pool of vetted friendly drivers that can be trained to meet your businesses specific needs. From daily deliveries to use once in a blue moon to move offices, we at Steer want to make it as easy as possible. We take responsibility for getting your items/stock where it needs to be when it needs to be there while giving you complete peace of mind.

And honestly, it couldn't be easier!

Fill out our easy form and one of our dedicated Business Development Managers will call you and get you set up with what you need. Register your interest now!



We can move whatever you need moving whenever you need it moving helping to expand your business.


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We provide a range of Van sizes and Service Levels. This will perfectly fit all your business' logistical needs.


Cost Management

Lower cost than running your own fleet and the ability to have what you need within your budget with our various payment plans and contracts.


Dedicated BDM

When you join us your business will be assigned a dedicated business manager to answer all your needs and queries.



Business Dashboard

With Steer's innovative business dashboard you have the freedom to book, change and cancel any vans you need at the click of a mouse.



With our ease of use, you will have the time to concentrate on more important business projects.